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About me

Hello everybody,

my name is Brun von der Gönne, I am married and the proud father of two wonderful children.

My main job is in the IT industry and this shop is registered as a sideline.

The development of such solutions, such as replacing conductor foils in the T3 instrument cluster or the “fiz-o-matic” are hobbies of mine.

Here in my shop I offer parts and kits that I have developed myself and that serve to reduce the susceptibility to errors in well-kept oldtimers. B. to get the instrument cluster of a Bullis afloat again.

In general, these kits represent an “upgrade” that either reduces the risk of defects caused by aging and wear, or expands the functional scope of the components in a meaningful way.

I have tried very hard to make everything as simple as possible and to document it as well as possible with the means possible.

Should you still have problems with the assembly, then I’ll be happy to help you. But it is often helpful when someone else looks over it. Because I don’t always hang in front of my computer / cell phone and I can’t always answer immediately. So please understand.

I can’t find a number for you. How can i call you

That is also intended. Because it’s just a hobby and I am also on the road my main job. During this time, I work for my employer and unfortunately cannot make private calls.

If you have any questions, write me an email. I will reply as soon as possible.

Why do I not get an answer to my mail?

I actually answer every email, but I can’t always react immediately. So please be patient.

Also check your spam folder. Maybe there is my answer in there.