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fiz-o-matic is a “vehicle information system” for young and oldtimers, which still have to manage without ODBII or CAN bus due to their contemporary equipment and therefore provide rather sparse information about operating conditions or needs of aggregate and vehicle.
So if you don’t want to cut up the precious dashboard of your sweetheart to accommodate the displays of all kinds of analogue measuring equipment, this is the right place for you.

fiz-o-matic can display all relevant information about oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel pressure, volts, coolant temperature, cylinder head temperature, and… and… and… in a small OLED or LCD display that can be mounted inconspicuously.

fiz-o-matic is able to collect and process data like a modern vehicle and therefore can offer additional functionalities like driving data, speed, routes, trip computer and more.

fiz-o-matic establishes – similar to a “modern car” – connections via GSM module to the mobile radio network and communicates via GPS unit with navigation satellites. Route recordings are possible as well as exact speed determination and of course: the monitoring of the geographical position / location. Also via smartphone.