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The speedometer in my beloved bus is acting up again...

The speedometer light no longer works properly and only flickers. One moment the fuel gauge is working and the next moment the tank is suddenly empty. The temperature display no longer zaps or the LEDs only work when the weather is right.

In most cases, the culprit is a defective speedometer film. This consists of a foil with several layers and the conductor tracks are then applied between them.
Even if you have never touched the foil, it is possible that the layers will gradually separate from each other. If you have to touch the foil at some point, it may fall apart completely.
In some cases, it already falls apart beforehand due to the normal thermal and mechanical stress in the cockpit.
Benziner Beispiel

The solution!

  • A stable circuit board for the speedometer in the T25/Vanagons.
  • Less susceptible to thermal and mechanical stress.
  • Variable to repair all variants of T25/Vanagons tachos.

Petrol or

No matter if diesel or petrol engine. The speedometer board has the slot for the preglow control of the diesel and this LED is also included in the set. 

The LED is controlled by the preheating system in the engine compartment via a separate cable.

With a petrol engine, this LED is simply omitted. This is how VW did it back then.

Model year before '84
or after '85

With the model year change in summer 1984, some improvements were also introduced.

For example, the complete electrical system was renewed and the instrument cluster got a few new features, such as a DZM and the dynamic oil pressure control.

As a result, the connector on the instrument cluster has also changed completely.

The speedometer board has an adapter between the actual board and the connector for the instrument cluster.
Simply by changing the plug, all model years can be covered.

When ordering, however, pay attention to your model year. This is not the year of manufacture!

High beam control

A blue LED was never used for the high beam control on the T3. This was only developed in 1993 by the Japanese Shuji Nakamura.

Since there was no blue LED at the time, VW simply obtained an exemption for a yellow high beam control to be able to install an LED there as well.

If you have a yellow high beam control, it is normally also registered in the papers.

A suitable set is also available for this variant. This is made to customer specifications.

with OXS LED

The lambda sensor must be replaced after 30k miles. This was required by the CARB in California at the time.
To ensure that this was not forgotten, there was a mileage counter that ensured that the OXS LED lit up after 30k miles.

This LED was only available in the export models Vanagon, which was exported to the USA.

As there were no diesel engines in the Vanagon range at that time, VW simply used the diesel LED and labelled it OXS.

Therefore you can simply use the Diesel LED or a suitable red LED. These are available as an add-on in my shop.
Einbau ohne Löten

Plug 'n Play installation

The set contains everything needed for the conversion. Everyone should have a screwdriver in the house.

Apart from a suitable screwdriver, no other tools are needed. No soldering iron either.

Nevertheless, I don't want to claim that even a 3-year-old can do the installation. You should have a little understanding of automotive engineering.

The speedometer board solves all my problems!!!???...

OK. Now let's move on half-quick before we get our hopes up for all the problems. 
The conversion to the speedo board solves all problems related to the speedo foil.

If you have problems due to bad or defective earth connections, defective alternators or defective oil pressure control, the speedometer board will not solve these problems. But the conversion could at least eliminate them.

Documentation and support

In any case, there is detailed documentation. And it can even be viewed online.
Installation documentation T3 speedometer board

It is always possible that problems occur after installation.
All known problems have been summarised in a small FAQ for assistance.
To the trouble shooting guide

Where can I buy this ingenious piece?

The speedometer board is available in my shop and from my partners MyBusParts Bernd Jäger and TK-Carparts Thomas Koch. 

Tip: Just click on the logos to go directly to the product.

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